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6 Things Rising High School Juniors Can Do This Summer

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We have all heard the saying before: “Junior year of high school is the hardest year.”

However, don’t be alarmed because you can prepare to combat junior year in no time! Here are some of the ways sophomores in high school can be ready for next year.

#1: Start making a college list

Although this may seem too early for some, making a college list during the summer before junior year will benefit you because as long as you start one, you are able to revise and revisit this list as much as you want.

Niche has this feature which allows you to create your own list and see how you match up with fellow applicants. Another app I recommend using is Google Sheets. With this website layout, you are able to make columns for all the school names, stats, prices, etc. This is a great way to see your schools and compare them! 

#2: Prepare for the SAT/ACT

You will be more prepared for these standardized tests than ever if you start studying concepts early on. It is better to be over prepared than scrambling to memorize formulas on the day before the test!

Some great test prep books include the classic ACT test prep and Barron’s Test Prep. If online studying is more up your alley, the ACT and the SAT have many online practice options and practice tests. Happy studying! 

#3: Brainstorm possible majors

If you are someone who thinks every job looks cool or you have no idea what majors are even offered, summer is a great time to explore different types of career paths and find a fit that may work for you.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to people in a specific career path and get their input. Remember, ideas are not permanent.

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#4: Volunteer

Volunteering is a good way to make a difference in your community and is also a great resume builder. By volunteering, you are able to build relationships in society and learn valuable lessons along the way.

Some great ways to contribute to the community can include volunteering at a local food shelter, making tie-blankets for shelter animals, or helping at nursing homes. Make sure you keep track of your volunteer shifts for future reference.

#5: Search for scholarships

Although many scholarships are focused on juniors and seniors, sophomores still have access to scholarship opportunities. has a variety of scholarships that can help individuals get a head start on saving and preparing for the cost of college.

CollegeBoard is another great site that you can use to find scholarships that fit you and your eligibility!

#6: Start developing a resume

It is never too early to create a resume. If you are stuck on what to write about, start by writing a list of all your extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, work experience, and any other notable factors that could help enhance your student profile.

Google Docs has resume templates that are easy to use and show off your talents and achievements. The good news is that since it is the summer going into junior year, you have time to perfect it throughout the upcoming school year!

Hopefully you found some of these tips useful and good luck with your junior year!

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Author: Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a senior in high school. She plans to apply Pre-Med this upcoming year. In addition to Niche, she enjoys playing on her school tennis and golf teams, as well as being with her friends and family!