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5 Easy Scholarships from Niche to Apply For Right Now

You probably know that there are tons and tons of scholarships out there, just waiting for your application. But you might not know that there are actually tons and tons of scholarships right here at Niche. First, there’s our scholarship tool, which matches you with a myriad of opportunities to get extra money for school. But we also enjoy giving money away ourselves, and have lots of scholarships available to high school and college students, and sometimes parents, on a rolling basis. In fact, we love making it rain so much that we end up giving out more than $75,000 every year. (Yes, people really do win!) Here are a few Niche scholarships you should be on the lookout for:

$2,000 No Essay Scholarship

Let’s start with the big kahuna. Every month, Niche gives away $2,000 to one high school or college student, and that student needs to make very little effort to get it. As the name tells you, there’s no essay required. Just fill out a few quick fields and you’re in. Once you apply for this one, set a reminder to keep coming back as long as you’re in school. You’re eligible to win every month!

Year-by-Year High School Scholarships

Are you a high school Freshman, or Senior, or somewhere in between? Then we have a scholarship for you. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are each eligible to win an easy $500 bucks.

Review Your School $1,000 Scholarship

Whether you’re currently in high school or have recently graduated, let us know about your experience by writing a review of your school, and get a chance to pocket some cash. Have your parents write a review, too — they’re also eligible to win! Not only will you help future students get a sense of what it’s like to attend, you might just win 10 easy Benjamins.

$1,000 College Survey

Already in college? Tell us how it’s going. Just fill out a quick survey and you’ll walk away having done the good deed of helping prospective students determine if your college is a match for them. You also may walk away a little richer.

$500 Specialty Scholarships

There’s a chance you might win some money simply based on what you’re studying, or plan to study. Niche offers scholarships for art, nursing, culinary school and more, as well as one specifically for community college students.

Want more? Check out our scholarship tool

Author: Ali Trachta

Ali is the former Content Writer/Editor at Niche. She's a content strategist and award-winning writer, as well as a former editor at LA Weekly and NEXTpittsburgh. As a mom of one who's lived and worked all across the country, she's glad to have once again found her niche in her hometown of Pittsburgh.