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5 Reasons to Build Your College List on Niche

Keeping a list of colleges you’re interested in (or a “college list”) is essential to the search and application process. There are so many options that it’s impossible to remember every little thing about every single school you may want to apply to. And while there are many ways you can keep a college list, it makes the most sense to use Niche. 

Let’s run through five key reasons to build your college list on Niche, and then we’ll give you tips on how to get started.

"You have your list in the same place where you research schools." A screenshot of the Niche dashboard is shown below.

Is there anything worse than using five different websites for the same process? There’s enough going on in the college search already. Since you use Niche to research schools, minimize the number of places you have to go by keeping your college list on Niche. From your dashboard, you can view and update your list, find scholarships, compare colleges and more.

"You can click into each school for the full profile filled with stats and reviews." A screenshot of a school's profile on Niche is beside the words.Chances are you’ll want to return to a college’s profile several times when you’re trying to figure out if you’ll apply come senior year. When you keep your list on Niche, you’ll be able to go from your list right to a college’s full profile to take another look at stats like their student faculty ratio, or read reviews from current students and alumni — and then return to your list to do the same for the next school.

"You can jump from my list to the college compare tool to narrow down my options."

As you begin to finalize your college list, you’ll need to take a closer look at your options and how they stack up against each other in things like size, cost, acceptance rate and more. From your list on your dashboard, you can access our College Compare Tool to view stats for up to four colleges side-by-side. 

You get customized recommendations based on schools you've added.

Building your list helps the Niche algorithm better understand what you’re looking for. Maybe you keep adding small liberal arts colleges, or schools in a certain part of the country. No matter what your preferences may be, the more colleges you add to your list, the more customized our recommendations will become. You can find your custom college matches right at the top of your dashboard.

You can track your status for each school and update your list easily

Most students apply to more than five colleges, according to our research. That means it can be hard for even the most organized students to keep track of their status (visited, started application, applied, etc.) for each school throughout the search and admissions process. On your Niche list, you can easily mark where you are with each college to make sure you stay on top of everything.

How to start building your college list on Niche

Ready to get started? It’s super simple. If you already know a few schools you’re interested in, you can add them to your list right when you sign up for your free Niche account. Otherwise, you can add colleges straight from their profiles when you’re researching, or from our college search page directly.

One of the best ways to build your list is the Niche College Quiz. You’ll answer a few questions about yourself and your preferences, and then we’ll provide a custom list of colleges that could be a great fit for you. Use your results to add several colleges to your list at once.

Since your list of saved colleges lives on your dashboard, you’re never far from it when you’re on Niche. Get started today to level up your organization in the college search process!


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