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3 Ways to Stay Safe On Campus

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A tall blue box with a light on top that says "emergency" down the side. In the distance behind the box is a building and trees.

Schools around the country are reopening their campuses and are finally ready to (safely) welcome students back

Now that we are (actually) going to college, and Zoom life is gone for now (thank God!), making sure that you are safe around campus is crucial.

In preparation for the fall semester, I posted a poll on Instagram asking my peers what resources they use to keep out of harm’s way. Thankfully, I received an overwhelming amount of tips and tricks, and I am here to share those with you! 

Noonlight App

Noonlight is a safety app that alerts emergency services, available for both IOS and Android. This platform tracks your location and notifies the authorities when you are in a threatening situation.

After setting up a profile, you will be directed to a blue screen with a white button in the middle that reads “hold until safe.” Once in danger, press the button and, after 10 seconds, you will receive a call asking if you are in fact threatened. 

According to the app’s website, Noonlight “does not replace 911.” Instead, they “provide a smarter and more advanced way to connect the police, fire or emergency medical help when you need it.” If in a situation where calling 911 is not viable, you can always text a Noonlight dispatcher and they will reply in a timely manner. 

Noonlight “has protected over 1 million users since 2013 and handled over 50,000 emergencies across the U.S.” While writing this article, I tested the app myself.

Seconds after notifying the app, I was called and asked if I was indeed in need of assistance. As a woman, I feel more at ease knowing that I can reach for help simply by pressing a button. 

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Self Defense Keychain 

While I collected material for this piece, many recommended purchasing a self defense keychain. Self defense keychains may include personal alarms, emergency whistles, pepper sprays, and window breakers.

According to the keychain brand, SEEFEEL, I used for research, the “personal alarm can make a piercing sound to draw attention, scare the bad guys away, or get timely help. Easy to operate and sounds as soon as you pull it. In case the personal alarm’s power is exhausted, the emergency whistle can act as an auxiliary alarm.”

Moreover, the window breaker is a pointy and threatening weapon, useful when escaping quickly through a car window or attacking the perpetrator.

Keychains may also come with chapstick and hand antiseptic holders. Lips moisturized, hands sanitized, sexual predators quaking, and BOOM, you are ready for college! 

Life 360 App

Remember that annoying app your mom made you download in middle school to track down where you were at all times? Yeah, we are using that in college too.

Instead of sharing it with your mom (Sorry Mom!), your friends will be the ones keeping an eye out on you and vice versa. If you are MIA, your friends can always check your location to see where you are on the virtual map. 

Once Life 360 is set up (available for both IOS and Android), it will ask for a code. If your friends or family already have the app, you can ask them for the circle code and join their group.

If you are the first person to use Life 360, the app will create a code which you can then share with whom you wish to know your location. 

Life 360 also has a SOS Help Alert feature, which allows you to “send a silent alert with your location to Circle members, emergency contacts, and police if you ever feel unsafe.”


Regardless of how you choose to stay safe, please be mindful of your surroundings.

I hope the above tips are useful. Never forget to study hard, be safe, and have fun!

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Author: Lori Rampani

Lori Rampani grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, but was born in Hollywood, Florida. She is an International Relations student at American University. Lori is passioante about writing, and works for Her Campus at AU. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, spending time with her friends and family, reading, and screaming to Taylor Swift songs.