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3 Resources For Transfer Students To Take Advantage Of

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Starting school at a large, 4-year institution can be daunting for transfer students who spent their first two years at their local community college.

There’s so much to explore that it might be overwhelming to understand all the amazing resources available. Here are the 3 that I used my first semester at UC Berkeley that helped me become more successful.

1. Transfer Student Center 

The purpose of a transfer center is to connect with other transfer students and find your community. During the pandemic, my transfer center would host virtual community events such as game nights or study sessions. 

This is the perfect opportunity to make friends and find support when you start your journey at your new institution. I met my favorite transfer counselor here and found some of my best friends this way.

2. Mentorship programs for incoming students

One of the things I looked forward to at my new campus was the mentorship program I joined the summer before classes started. Some schools might offer something similar, so it’s always good to look into those programs.

My mentor was in their second year as a transfer student, AKA their final year. He gave me many pointers and tips on how to navigate a large research institution like UC Berkeley. His help came at a valuable time when I was scared and nervous for the new chapter. 

If there is a mentorship program offered at your school, I highly recommend taking it. It only benefits you, and I was much more confident navigating higher education afterwards.

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3. A Multicultural Resource Center

As a first-generation, low-income transfer student of color, my transition to my new university was especially hard. I was far away from home with no friends, all while experiencing the pandemic in this new scary place. 

I knew when I transferred that I wanted to find my community at my new school. It was one of the promises I made for myself, and I followed through with it. 

The multicultural resource on campus made my transition all the easier, and I was able to find community almost instantly. My friends and community made sure I was taken care of, be it through care packages, free meals, or academic support. My first semester was successful because of the amazing support I had.

Make the most of it

Starting new is always scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Remember that there are people out there who are ready to support you in whatever capacity they have.

Start small when looking for resources, and you’ll open the door to even more opportunities on campus. 

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Author: Mayra Herrera

Mayra is a senior transfer student at UC Berkeley, studying Political Science and Chicano Studies from Santa Ana, CA. She hopes to one day work in higher education, supporting and uplifting other students of color. When she isn't writing for Niche, you can catch her jamming out to Harry Styles, finding a new coffee shop to study in, or taking a nap in one of the many campus libraries.