How Does Niche Calculate Grades and Rankings?

Niche grades and rankings are calculated using dozens of public data sets and millions of reviews.

Our data scientists and user researchers rigorously analyze data and user opinions to assess the key aspects of K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Places to Live. Every month, millions of students and families use the Niche grades and report cards to find the right school or neighborhood.

The Process

Gather Data and Reviews

We use the most up-to-date data available from dozens of public data sources along with millions of reviews from students, parents, and residents on Niche.
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Rigorous Analysis

Our Data Team uses advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to compare, normalize, and connect millions of data points to thoroughly analyze U.S. schools and neighborhoods.

User Insights

Our Research Team combines user feedback and insights with industry standards to determine the key components that should make up our various grades.

Produce Grades

Niche report cards are designed to capture what schools and neighborhoods are really like.