The Niche Pixel Taking Your Attribution Model One Step Further
It’s important to track conversions driven by digital marketing. Yet Google Analytics (GA) and Goals can only take you so far. Pixels will further your knowledge of users’ actions after they interact with your digital ads If you want to understand the performance of The Niche Audience in detail, The Niche Pixel is for you. The Niche Pixel is a brand new offering we plan to provide to our clients in 2021. Keep reading and reach out to us if you’d like to be a part of our latest product’s beta launch.
Just starting out with digital marketing and looking to attribute on-site actions to your marketing efforts on your own? Then our Goals and Conversions blog post may be a good place to start.
What is a Pixel?
Pixels are snippets of code that gather valuable information about website visitors. Pixels have the power to track ‘cross-channel’ and ‘view through’ data. The snippets of code that make up a pixel are often referred to as ‘tags.’ Tags are placed within advertising creatives and on web pages where conversions are expected to take place (e.g. a form submission confirmation page). When a user is served an ad with a tracking tag, this impression is linked to their user ID. If the user takes an action, either at that moment or at a later time, we attribute that user’s actions to the media campaign that influenced them.
Why You Should Care
Google Analytics (GA) only counts conversions that follow an ad click within the same session. Unlike GA, pixels can provide ‘view through’ tracking. That means a user could click on a Niche ad that goes to your site, end a session, return to your site a week later, and still trigger a conversion. The pixel will trace all that traffic back to the initial media campaign. If a user makes a valuable conversion, such as submitting an application, pixels allow you to attribute that revenue to the campaign that influenced the user. This allows for a deeper understanding of your Return on Investment (ROI) with digital marketing efforts. With this more robust tracking, we can optimize your ads to aid in achieving your desired goals.
How Niche Can Help
Get started with these simple steps to implementing pixels with Niche:
1. Contact us using the form below or reach out to your Account Manager to determine if The Niche Pixel would be a good fit for you.
2. Collaborate with your Niche team to determine where we are going to place the pixels.
3. Once we determine where to place the pixels, we can implement them using Google Tag Manager. You can also install them directly into the code of your website.
4. After we install the pixels, we will start or continue running digital advertising on your behalf. We will share reporting monthly to remain cognizant of ad performance.

Thank you for reaching out. We’ll be in touch soon.