Niche Partner Guide

Preparing Your Data for an Enrollment Funnel Analysis

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to securely transfer your data to Niche.  Completing this quick process will allow our team to perform an in depth analysis of how your lead sources are performing across the funnel.
Who do I reach out to if I get stuck or have a question? The Niche Team is always available to help if you get stuck or have any questions on the upload process.  Contact your Niche Partnerships Manager or reach out to our team of analysts at for support.
Step 1
Request an upload link from your Partnership Manager to securely transfer your data.
Step 2
Create a data report in your CRM where each row represents an individual student.
Step 3
Set filters to restrict the population to the Entry Terms you would like to include for first-year students (freshmen) and transfer students. 
    • This should include all students in your funnel (prospects through enrolled) from all sources (Niche and non-Niche).
    • If you have multiple email fields in your CRM, please add them all to your report.
    • If you are submitting data for more than one enrollment cycle, include the ‘Entry Term’ field in your report to distinguish data by cycle.
Step 4
Add columns to your report that match the Data Export Template test file. This file contains column headers and sample data that demonstrate the correct format. 
    • Field names and field descriptions can be found in the Data Export Template Field Definitions document.
    • The following fields are required to successfully upload your file.  This does not mean you need a value for every student, just that the data field needs to be present in your file:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • ZIP Code
      • Email
      • Record Creation Date
      • First Source
      • Application Source
      • Application Submitted Date
      • Deposit Date
      • Enroll Date
      • At least one of: High School Name, High School CEEB
      • At least one of: Waitlisted Date, Withdrawn Date, Cancel Date, Deferral Date, Denied Date
      • At least one of: Major Name, Major Name (Application), Major Name (Prospect)
    • To ensure a successful upload, please check the following formats before moving to the next step:
      • Email must be formatted like a valid email address (no extra spaces and can only contain one @ symbol).
      • Dates should be in MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD format. We do not accept timestamps in a date columns.
      • File cannot contain any duplicate column names.
      • Niche ID (if applicable) must be formatted with the ID format in the template or blank. Do not have NA.
Why do I need to submit student information? Submitting student information enables us to accurately match students in your system with ours. Upon submission, student data will be anonymized before conducting the analysis.
Step 5
Save your file as a .csv.  
    • In the upper left corner, save your file using “Save As”.
    • Rename this file to reflect your school name and enrollment cycle 
      • For example, Niche University 2023.
    • Save the file as a .csv.
    • Save the file to an easily accessible location.

Step 6
Upload the File.
    • Open the Funnel Analysis link provided by your Partnership Manager. 
    • Select Browse Files.
    • Select the csv created for the analysis.

Step 7
Match the fields from your CSV to the Niche Fields.
    • Match the Niche Fields listed on the left hand side to the fields in your file using the dropdown button. 
      • Fields in blue have been auto-populated by our system. Please check to make sure the mapping is correct.

    • If you have multiple email fields, please map all email columns to the Email mapping.
    • The Niche ID Secondary and Scholarship fields also allow for multiple column mappings.

Step 8
Upload the file.
    • Select the upload button to submit your analysis.
    • Please wait until the upload is complete. This may take a few minutes.
Common Upload Errors
File Format:
    • The file must be a valid CSV with the extension .csv.
    • The file size cannot be greater than 150MB.
    • The file name cannot be longer than 200 characters.
    • The first row of the file is assumed to be a header which must contain at least the 14 required columns.
    • Not contain any duplicate column names.
Did you get stuck? Our team would love to help! Reach out to your Partnership Manager or email our team of analysts at: