Niche Partner Guide

Preparing Your Data for an Enrollment Funnel Analysis

Please follow the step by step instructions below on how to securely transfer your data to Niche.  Completing this quick process will allow our team to perform an in depth analysis of how your lead sources are performing across the funnel.
Who do I reach out to if I get stuck or have a question? The Niche Team is always available to help if you get stuck or have any questions on the upload process.  Contact your Niche Account Manager or reach out to our team of data analysts at for support.
Step 1
Download your leads (from Niche and all other sources) into an Excel workbook.  To ensure we can provide the most effective analysis possible, please include all leads for the Fall 2020 term — including initial inquiries and leads who applied, were admitted, and enrolled. 

For K-12 Schools

    • Parent Email
    • Source of Student Inquiry
    • Date Lead/Data was Received
    • Intended Start Date
    • Inquiry Date
    • Campus Visit Completed Date
    • Apply Date
    • Admit Date
    • Enroll Date
Step 2
Download the Niche Data Submission Excel file provided below.  Please make sure to open the file in Excel as the macro will not operate in Google Sheets or other systems.
Why do I need to use the Niche Data Submission file?  This file is already prepared for you with the macros needed to transfer your leads’ personal identification anonymously.  Using the Niche Data Submission file will encrypt sensitive data by generating a unique hash for each email.  This allows the Niche Team to accurately analyze your data and create your Lead Funnel Analysis without ever seeing a single email address.
Step 3
Make sure to click “Enable Editing“. This will make sure Excel has access to the macro included in the file.
Step 4
Make sure to click “Enable Content“. This will make sure Excel has access to the macro included in the file.
Step 5
Open your CRM Excel sheet next to the newly downloaded Niche Data Submission file (MySchoolName.xlsm).
Step 6
Copy and paste each column from your CRM file to the corresponding column in the Niche Data Submission file as shown in the video below.
Step 7
After each of the required fields is copied over, close your CRM excel file and keep the Niche Data Submission Excel file open.
Step 8
To run the macros and hash your data, click the green button in the Niche Data Submission file.  IMPORTANT: only click the green button once.  Do not double click it.  Depending on the size of your file, this process can take between 10-20 minutes.
What if I clicked the green button twice?  If you clicked the green button twice your data will be double hashed and our data analysts will not be able to match your hashes with ours.  To ensure the data is only hashed once, please redo steps two through eight.   Don’t hesitate to contact the Niche Team at for support. 
Step 9
Save your newly hashed file.  
  1. In the upper left corner save your file using “Save As”.
  2. Rename this file to reflect your school name.
  3. Save the file as one of the following: .csv or .xslx or .xslm.
  4. Save the file to an easily accessible location.

Step 10
Upload your saved file to Niche’s secure file transfer system:

Did you get stuck?
Our team would love to help! Reach out to your Account Manager or email our team of analysts at: