Niche Partner Storytelling Series

We invite current Higher Ed Niche Partners to participate.
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Tell Your Story

When you tell your story, you get positive exposure for your school, the opportunity to connect with peer professionals, and build on being a thought leader in the education space.

Our Audience

Niche’s national audience consists of hundreds of enrollment, marketing/communications and admissions leaders in colleges and universities. Think titles such as Director of Enrollment, Director of Marketing, Director of Communications, Director of Admissions, etc. Students are not the intended audiences for this initiative.

Our audience attends these webinars because they are looking to gain best practices and strategies that they can bring back to their daily lives. The webinars should focus on practical insights that allow your peers to think differently about an initiative or try something new that can inform their marketing and enrollment efforts.
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Niche’s brand
new initiative

Offering our partners the opportunity to tell their stories about partnering with Niche or share a unique idea or process that they’ve brought to their work.

Interested in participating?

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Know the relevant topics.

Consider emerging topics and trends in which you have experience and expertise that could benefit or interest other school enrollment, admissions, or marketing communications professionals.


Follow the proposal guidelines.

We are seeking presenters who offer unique insights; effective strategies and tactics; timely information on new and emerging issues; useful, hands-on resource materials; and relevant content and experiences in the world of marketing and admissions to share with a wider audience. Submissions will be accepted based on the timeliness and relevance of the topic and the tangible takeaways that the audience will benefit from.

Please fill out this form

Please fill out this form with your contact information and a title and description for your session (100-200 words), including the takeaways that attendees will gain from the presentation.

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