Niche Audience Nurturing

Engage your Niche Audience from interest to application and enrollment.

Drive applications and enrollments by nurturing your Niche Audience down the funnel.

Niche’s unique solutions enable you to prompt your inquiries and prospects to take action — and expand your reach to engage stealth viewers.

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Niche Audience Remarketing

Engage families across social platforms and the web throughout their search.

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Sponsored Listings

Increase your reach by appearing in more Niche searches.

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Triggered Emails

Encourage next steps with emails to active and interested families.

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Your Personalized Niche Audience

Your Niche Audience is unique. It includes PK-12 families who are actively looking at your school and schools like yours. Learn more about how you can expand your reach to connect with your Niche Audience across social platforms and the web.
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Niche Partner Stories

“What’s happening with brand awareness and marketing as a result of my partnership with Niche is quite phenomenal. In prior years, we might have seen 500-700 profile visits. During our open enrollment period right now, we are seeing in the four or five thousands. I know  that is a direct result of the targeted remarketing campaigns that we’ve chosen to do with Niche.”

Nicki Ragan, Director of Marketing
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