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27 million
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Recruit students on the platform where they are making their
college decision
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Students return to Niche throughout their college search to discover and ultimately choose their college.

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Meet students where they are and showcase what makes you unique as they are active in their search.

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Drive high-intent traffic
back to your website

Personalize your Niche Profile to convert students back to your visit, apply, and learn

We didn’t realize how our virtual profile (brand) was perceived by prospective college students until we began working with Niche. We now have the opportunity to improve our profile page and better engage with prospects.
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“As a first-gen college student, the college search was intimidating. I used Niche in my study halls during my senior year of high school to understand more about what I was looking for in a university.”

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Your Niche Audience is unique. It includes college-bound students who are actively looking at your college and colleges like yours. Learn more about how you can expand your reach to connect with your Niche Audience across social platforms and the web.
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