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Niche’s inquiries and prospects outperform other sources in enrollments.

Our student-first model helps colleges and universities build genuine connections with students while they are actively researching. Unlock your Niche Audience to engage students who are more likely to apply, and more likely to enroll.

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Interested Students

Learn more about how you can connect with students who have already expressed interest in your institution on Niche or expand your reach to engage with students who are considering similar schools.
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average sollege-bound students add 7 schools to their list on niche

Get to Know Our Three Types of Inquiries & Prospects

Niche Inquiries apply at 20-40% rate

Qualified Inquiries

Connect with students who
are active on Niche and
have already raised their hand
for your institution.

Cross-Interest Prospects

Connect with students who
are active on Niche and
have expressed interest in schools
similar to yours.

Custom Prospects

Connect with students based on geography, demographics, major or academic achievement to meet your enrollment goals.

Niche Cross-Interest Prospects
apply at 1-5% rate

Niche users are students doing independent research in colleges they are most interested in.

Being able to identify these leads, reach out to them, increases conversion greatly. Most likely we would not be able to identify these students or convert them without Niche.
University of the Cumberlands

Seamless Delivery

Niche works with you to deliver detailed profiles
of actively searching students in real-time.

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