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Request a free Enrollment Funnel Analysis from Niche to get a better understanding of how all of your inquiry and prospect sources are performing.
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If you’re already working with Niche, great! We’ll help you determine how your Niche inquiries and prospects are converting to applications and enrollments. If you haven’t been receiving inquiries and prospects from Niche yet, don’t worry—we’ll help you evaluate how Niche would have performed compared to your other sources.

What to Expect

A Deep Dive on How Leads From Different Sources Are Converting to Applications & Enrollments

See how Niche Qualified Inquires and Prospects compare to leads from other sources. We’ll put together a report of our findings, share it with you, and have a brief call to discuss the results. Niche inquiries and prospects are typically more likely to apply and enroll than any other vendor because they are active in their search and further down the funnel.
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Niche Offers Higher Quality at a Lower Effective Cost

Compared to traditional lead vendors, Niche inquiries and prospects are more likely to apply and enroll, meaning more ROI.  Since our inquiries are active in their search, you can be sure we you receive an inquiry or prospect from Niche that the student is looking for an institution like yours.  Once an analysis has been requested, your Niche representative will be in touch to walk you through it.
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