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Niche Qualified Inquiries are

15x more likely to apply
24x more likely to enroll

than traditional search names.

Achieve your enrollment goals by connecting with high-intent, actively searching students.

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for College Search

1 in 2 college-bound high school seniors register on Niche to discover and choose their college.

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The Niche Audience is comprised of students who are active in the college search process—85% of our traffic is organic.

Inquiries Independent of Testing Policies

Our student-first model enables colleges to build genuine connections regardless of changing testing policies.

Data to Support Personalization

We provide detailed student profiles in real-time, including over 38 data points.

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Samford University

“It was exciting to see the students go from inquiries to applicants, to admits, to deposits, and to see that relationship grow. Actually, that relationship began on the Niche platform, meaning we never even knew that students existed until we connected with them on Niche

Brian Kennedy, Assistant Dean of Admission, Samford University
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