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Take the guesswork out of audience targeting and improve ROI with Niche’s digital marketing services.
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Your Niche Audience is
Active, Engaged, and Ready
to Hear from You.

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Expansive Reach

Niche is the #1 college search platform with more than 28 million students visiting the platform.

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Unrivaled Audience Quality

Niche’s inquiries are 15x more likely to apply and 24x more likely to enroll than traditional search names.

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Unparalleled Data

Niche profiles collect 38 data points on undergraduate student users, so you can personalize outreach and travel.

Amplify your reach, not your budget.

Traditional remarketing ads only reach your website visitors. With Niche Remarketing Ads, you’ll promote your college on social media and the web to a larger, high-intent audience of students who have looked at your institution and your peer institutions — ensuring you get the most out of your ad spend.
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Market where the students are.

Targeting the wrong audience can be costly — especially with a 90% increase in digital advertising costs in 2023. Target students who are most likely to be interested in your institution, based on their prior engagement on Niche with Sponsored Listings.

Sponsored Listings will display in:
  • Search results for majors, locations, or various other Niche search terms
  • Other College Niche profiles
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Send automated emails that move the needle.

Just like leaving an item in your shopping cart, students often don’t make an immediate decision to act. Whether it be adding your institution to their list, scheduling an on-campus tour, or completing an application; a nudge is helpful.

We’ll send students automated emails reminding them to take the next steps and highlight what makes your institution unique with emails proven to convert.
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Meet the students researching your college.

Your Niche Audience can be used for more than just digital advertising. Use your Niche Audience to identify new students that are researching your institution and its peers — so you can reach out with the right message at the right time.
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Colleges rely on Niche to meet their enrollment goals.

University of Wyoming Sees at 20-40% Increase in Applications

“Niche always has some cool tricks up their sleeve. We’re always amazed by what they have to share, maybe it’s a new report or a new way they show analytics or a new way they see the market growing, and they bring that solution to us.”
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Increase in clicks
to start an application

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Increase in students
expressing interest

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emails sent by Niche

Your future class is waiting to hear from you.

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