Our vision is to help people find where they belong.
Niche Mission
Make researching and enrolling in schools Easy, Transparent, and Free.
Here at Niche, we believe that finding the right school shouldn’t be complicated. The process of researching and applying to schools should be easy and equitable for all students and parents. Seamless and straightforward. We simplify complex data into clear-cut facts, stats, and real reviews to help our users make an informed decision about their futures.
We are dedicated to providing a transparent view of an institution. Nobody can “pay to play” on Niche, end of story. To paint a realistic picture of a school for prospective students and parents, we know it is essential to present the negative attributes alongside the positive. Our product is designed to make schools as comparable to one another as possible so our users can choose with both eyes wide open.
At the core of our business is the firm belief that every student, regardless of background, should have free access to the tools and guidance needed to choose the right institutions for themselves. Our platform is available to students and parents searching for schools at no cost. Always.

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