Niche Brand and Attribution Guidelines

All displays of Niche content on your website and/or app must be approved by Niche prior to launch.

You must provide links to the test site and/or app on which you plan to display Niche content and approval to publicly display is contingent on meeting all of the requirements set forth below.

Niche Logo

The full Niche logo must appear on every page that displays Niche content. The logo used must be one of the stacked or horizontal versions shown below and as close as possible to the Niche content. Logo can be found here and must be used without modification.

PNG and SVG files for both the stacked and horizontal versions as well as inverted versions (for dark backgrounds only) are included in the download.  

Proper Linking

Any instance of Niche content must display a link that invites the user to read more on Niche. This link must be the text name of the entity and it must be indexed and followed.

 e.g.   Read more about Sewickley Academy on Niche.

When entities provided by Niche are displayed (schools, colleges, neighborhoods, or places to live), the text “Powered by” must be used in conjunction with the Niche logo. A Niche logo should be placed on the homepage of your site indicating inclusion of Niche ratings & reviews and link to

Powered by Niche

Niche Grades

The Niche Grade for any place must always:

Graphic of grades from A to D in different colored circles