I am a High School Student looking for a High School

Step 1: Click the “sign Up” Button located near the bottom center of the home page

Niche homepage with 
sign up button highlighted

Step 2: You will select the way you want to sign up for Niche. You can create an account using an email address, through an existing Gmail account, or through an existing Facebook account. The three Options will look like the image below. So we can easily guide you through the registration process in this tutorial, we ask that you select the “Continue with Email” option.

Sign Up window with "continue with email" highlighted

Step 3: Enter your email address and choose a secure password for your account and then select the “Create Account” option. It will look like the image below.

Sign up window with email address and password filled in.

Step 4: On the “What Are You Interested In?” page will enter your name and birthdate and then you will select the following options “K12 Schools” and then click the “continue” button. It will look like the image below.

Registration window where you will select "K12 Schools" option

Step 5: You will then be prompted to fill out information to help complete your registration. If there is information that you are unsure of, you can use placeholder information and will have the option to update or delete the information in your profile settings after the account has been created. Once the registration page has been completed, you will select the “Continue” button. The registration form will look like the image below. 

Registration window where user information can be collected

Step 6: Some schools will be recommended to you on the final page of registration. If you want, you can add some to your list by selecting the “Yes” button next to the school name. You will then scroll lower on the page and select the “Save & Continue” button to complete the registration process. 

Add to list page with "save and Continue" option highlighted at bottom