How to Grant Google Tag Manager Access

When you give Niche access to your Google Tag Manager Account, we can work together to implement the Niche Conversion Pixel on your website.
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How to

Number 1

Sign in to Google Tag Manager.

Select the correct Account and Container Name, if you have more than one GTM account or container.

Number 2

Click Admin near the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Number 3

In the Account column, click User Management.

Number 4

Click the blue “+” sign in the top right-hand corner and select Add Users.

Number 5

Enter as the email address you would like to grant access to.

Number 6

In the Container Permissions section, select the container installed on your site.

Number 7

Check all four boxes and hit Done.

We will need Publish access at the container level in order to implement the Niche Conversion Pixel.

Number 8

Click Invite in the top right-hand corner. 

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