How Niche Updates Data

Niche has the most comprehensive data on U.S. schools and neighborhoods. We collect up-to-date data from dozens of public data sources and combine it with data provided directly by verified representatives of schools and colleges. This data is analyzed along with over 100 million reviews and survey responses from students, parents, and residents to help you understand what a place is really like.

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Data Update Process

We strive to ensure that the data we provide you is both current and accurate. The focus of our Data Update Process is to incorporate new or updated data in a way that meets our rigorous data quality standards. All data is reviewed and analyzed before being published on

Around the 20th of every month, our Data Team begins to collect and process any new data that has been submitted by a school or college. Large public data sets, including data released by the Department of Education and other public sources, are processed annually. Our Data Team cleans and analyzes the data for accuracy and the data is then passed to our Quality Assurance Team to be tested before being published on our site. Our goal is to have processed data ready for publish at the beginning of the following month.

Data received after our Data Update Process has begun is queued for processing the following month. This is done so our Data Team has the capacity to give all new and updated data the attention required for a standardized cleaning and analysis process.

We constantly strive to improve our data collection, cleaning, and update process. Please contact us with specific questions or concerns.


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