Digital Marketing Audit

Request a free Digital Marketing Audit from Niche to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your digital marketing. Niche works with hundreds of schools across the country to run digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and across the web. Our team possesses the experience and know-how to better understand the effectiveness of their digital marketing spend.

How To Request an Audit From Niche

  1. Grant Niche read-only access to your Google Analytics.
  2. Request an audit from your Niche representative or submit a request below.

What to Expect

A Breakdown of Your Existing Niche Traffic

See how the quality of Niche referral traffic compares to other sources of traffic.
The Niche Audience is high quality, and more likely to visit and apply.

Digital Ads Audit

Compare your school’s performance to industry benchmarks.

How Niche Can Help

Niche offers higher quality at a lower effective cost

Google Ads

Campaign Averages

Display/Social Ads

Campaign Averages

Once an audit has been requested, your Niche representative will be in touch to walk you through it.

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