Niche Digital Marketing Solutions Google Analytics Referral Traffic Issue
Niche recently identified and corrected an issue related to how referral traffic from Niche appears within your school’s Google Analytics account and dashboard.  The issue had no impact on clicks to your school website from your Niche profile.
What was the issue?
Due to a website update on August 7th, some clicks from your Niche profile to your school website were categorized as “direct” traffic rather than traffic referred from Niche.  This issue was caused by a necessary security update that removed Niche as the default referrer.  The impacted traffic includes websites where Niche was not explicitly set as the referrer in the URL via a UTM code.  There was no disruption of traffic flowing from your Niche profile to your school website or any impact to the user.
What does this mean for you?
You may notice a decrease in Niche referral traffic between August 7th and October 30th when reviewing your Google Analytics data.  Your Niche Account Manager can provide specific data on what traffic was reclassified as “direct” to help you better understand how much your Google Analytics account and dashboard undercounted referral traffic. 

Did this impact any remarketing campaigns?

No- the only impacted clicks were from Niche profiles.

Did this impact the Monthly Insights Report?

No- your Monthly Insights Report is accurate and shows all of the clicks on your Niche profile. 

What do you need to do?
You do not need to take any action.  Niche has corrected this issue and moving forward your Google Analytics account and dashboard will correctly reflect Niche as the referrer.  Please contact your Niche Account Manager with any questions.