Takeaways from the 2020 NAIS Annual Conference

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Niche is back and unpacked from the 2020 NAIS Annual Conference. We had several great conversations with administrators, trustees, and teachers at independent schools across the country. There were multiple interesting topics of discussion. One of them being the heightened awareness of the Coronavirus and its impact on schools in the United States. NAIS held a session that provided information for independent schools with ways in which they can prepare for and respond to the coronavirus. Additionally, NAIS has created a page with resources and discussion topics on the coronavirus, which can be found here.

Another topic of discussion centered around the report the NAIS published on leadership turnover at independent schools. This study was conducted in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania to begin exploring leadership turnover and was administered to heads of school, board chairs, and other board members at all NAIS member schools. The report provides interesting results in an environment where sustainable leadership is a point of emphasis among NAIS schools.

Our team had some interesting discussions with those that we’re able to stop by our booth. We were able to catch up with some of our current clients who reported strong enrollment numbers since partnering with Niche. Furthermore, we heard more promising feedback on the growing popularity of Niche and how parents are using Niche.

If you are interested in learning more about how Niche helps independent schools, and the abundance of marketing and advertising products we offer, you can learn more here.


Justin Mayfield

Justin is a B2B Marketing Analyst at Niche and works to help schools with their enrollment strategies and digital outreach through data dives and other forms of analysis.

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