Remarketing – Digital Marketing 101

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Niche Digital Marketing 101

Part of the 101 series, an introduction to various topics for enrollment marketers.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the many strategies that can be used in digital advertising. It allows you to connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or app. You are able to strategically position your ads in front of these specific audiences as they are browsing other pages across the internet. Remarketing helps to increase your brand awareness and remind the people within the remarketing audience to make a purchase or complete an action on your website. 

How to Get Started Using Remarketing

In order to get started you will need to create remarketing audiences within the ad platforms you want to use (Facebook, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.). The first thing you will need to do is tag different pages on your website so you can start tracking website activity. To learn more about setting up Google Tag Manager and pixels click here. Once you have done that, you will be able to create your remarketing audiences within the ad platforms. The type of remarketing audience you will create depends on the industry you are in. For example, in the retail industry a remarketing audience may consist of someone who has visited a page on your site but did not make a purchase. Whereas, in the education industry a remarketing audience may consist of someone who started to fill out an application but did not make it through to submit it.

Another way to get started is by utilizing known prospect and inquiry lists as audiences. This tactic allows you to start immediately, without directly relying on your website traffic. If you have a list of people who have filled out an inquiry form on your website or a list of known prospects you are able to upload that list of names and email addresses into the ad platforms. The list of names will then be an audience you can use to target with your ads. On Facebook specifically, you are able to create a ‘lookalike’ audience of your uploaded list which allows you to expand your reach while still targeting people who are similar to those in your uploaded list. 

You want to keep your audience in mind when you are creating your ad copy and determining which landing page to send traffic to. For example, if you upload a list of people who filled out an inquiry form on your website – you want to think about how to get those people further down your funnel when they see and click on your ads. You might want your ad copy to mention scheduling a visit or applying to your school and then have the ad click lead the user to a relevant landing page. If you are uploading a list of applicants you will want to think about the next steps you want that audience to take.

Benefits of Remarketing:

  1. Well Timed Targeting: You are able to show your ads to people who have previously interacted with your business when they are searching elsewhere on the internet. This allows you to stay top of mind for your customers.
  2. Large-scale reach: You are able to show your ads to people within your remarketing audiences across multiple devices as they are browsing over 2 million websites and mobile apps.
  3. Focused Advertising: You are able to create remarketing audiences to help you achieve specific goals within your business. For example, in the education space you may create a remarketing audience targeting people who started to fill out an application but did not follow through to submit it. 
  4. Increase Conversion Rates: Most consumers do not convert the first time they visit your website. For example, a student applying to college does not visit a college website one time and then complete an application. By utilizing remarketing audiences you can keep your prospects engaged with your brand and in your marketing funnel.

Remarketing with Niche

Niche Intent-Based Remarketing displays ads across the web to prospects that have signaled interest in your school. Our proprietary data allows us to expand your reach to a broader pool of people you aren’t able to reach on your own. We are able to reach a user who we know is currently searching for colleges/K12 schools and is interested in a college/school like yours. These are the people who have engaged with your profile, competitor profiles or performed relevant searches on Niche. If you’re interested in learning more you can request a demo of our products.


Meghan Root

Meghan Root is the Manager of Digital Marketing Services at Niche. Her team creates, monitors and optimizes digital campaigns on behalf of Niche's K12 and College clients.

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