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Using the Niche Pixel to Track ROI

When you’re tracking digital marketing conversions, there are times when the data you’re given by Google, Meta, or Microsoft just isn’t enough to understand the full picture. Only a piece of a parent or student’s journey on your institution’s website can be seen through Goals and Conversions in Google Analytics. But there’s a solution: using marketing pixels. And specifically for Niche Partners, the Niche Pixel. 

More granular data from the Niche Pixel helps our Digital Marketing team optimize your advertising and helps you better understand ROI with more precise conversion attribution data. 

In this article, we’ll answer key questions about using marketing Pixels — specifically the Niche Pixel — including:

  • What is a Pixel in marketing?
  • What are common myths about Pixels in marketing?
  • What are the benefits of using the Niche Pixel?

What is a Pixel in marketing? 

A pixel is a snippet of code, sometimes called a “tag,” that gathers information about your website’s visitors. They can track “cross-channel” and “view-through” data, meaning they give you more information about your visitors than stock analytics software like Google Analytics. 

Pixels are placed on pages where conversions happen, such as a Thank You page for a form submission. When a user visits your Niche profile and clicks on a Call to Action button or link that leads them to your website, the pixel links that action to a unique user ID. If that visitor fills out a form or completes another conversion on your website (whether it’s immediately or weeks down the line) we are able to attribute that conversion to the exact advertising campaign they first came from. Pretty cool right?

What are the common myths about pixels in marketing?

Myth 1: Pixels Slow Down Your Website

One of the most common concerns among our partners is that the Niche Pixel will slow down their website. Website speed is crucial, as website visitors are less likely to stick around the longer it takes a page to load. Luckily, there’s no need to worry with the Niche Pixel. 

Because we implement the Niche Pixel through Google Tag Manager as a single tag, the impact on your website’s speed is negligible. Your website’s speed is much more determined by the use of large images, videos, and insufficiently cached website data. If your website is struggling with speed, we suggest you take a look at some of these more common problems. 

Myth 2: Pixels Create Duplicate Data

Another common myth surrounding the Niche Pixel is the question of whether or not it creates duplicate data. The answer is simple: Nope! 

The Niche Pixel does not create duplicate data because its view-through and cross-channel conversion tracking are attributing unique user actions to the Pixel. Google Analytics cannot track the same kind of attributions that the Niche Pixel can, so with the Niche Pixel you are gathering data that you otherwise wouldn’t have. With the Niche Pixel installed, you can rest assured that when you use Google Analytics or other analytics software, you are not seeing duplicate data for your website visitors. 

What are the benefits of using the Niche Pixel?

Now that we’ve debunked those myths, let’s talk about the biggest benefits of using the Niche Pixel in your digital marketing.

View Complete Customer Journeys

A major flaw in Google Analytics (GA) is that it only counts conversions that follow clicks from your Niche profile to your website within the same session. (Example: they click on the “Visit Campus” Call to Action button on your profile, and sign up for a tour.) 

Unlike GA, pixels can provide ‘view through’ tracking. With more accurate conversion attribution data, you’re able to see the entire customer journey. For example, if someone clicks from your Niche profile to your website, and then doesn’t complete an application until weeks later, you’ll still be able to attribute that applicant to your Niche remarketing efforts.

The Niche Pixel is able to do this through view-through and cross-channel conversion tracking. Instead of losing the ability to track a visitor’s behavior on your website after they leave the first time, the Niche Pixel allows us to see when a visitor comes back and completes a conversion—even days or weeks later. 

This is especially important as privacy regulations continue to limit the amount of data that companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Meta are allowed to track. But don’t worry, all of your visitors’ data will continue to remain completely private with the Niche Pixel.  

Get a Better Understanding of ROI 

One of the primary benefits of the Niche Pixel is showing you the return on your investment with Niche. As the marketing partner of thousands of institutions, we understand that every visit to your website counts and that being able to show the results of those visits is a valuable metric when you’re making marketing decisions. 

Knowing the exact number of conversions from your Niche digital marketing ads allows you to see the results of your decision to trust us, and allows us to further optimize your advertising so we can continue to grow the value of your Niche marketing partnership. 

We’ll do the Heavy Lifting

If your head is spinning from all that talk about pixels, conversions, and attribution — don’t worry. As a Niche Partner, our experienced team of digital marketing experts can handle the entire process for you, including:

  • Installing the Niche Pixel in the correct places
  • Testing the Niche Pixel to ensure its working
  • Tracking & reporting on campaign performance
  • Optimizing ads based on Niche Pixel data

How to Get Started

If this is your first time hearing about the Niche Pixel, we recommend you head over to this article, which explains the basics of the Niche Pixel. 

Niche has a dedicated team that is ready to help you take your institution’s digital marketing to the next level. If you think you’re ready for the next step, reach out to your Account Manager or contact Niche directly. Our specialists will provide their expertise and insight to help determine whether the Niche Pixel is the right fit for you. 

Precise conversion tracking and accurate ROI measurement are just around the corner!

Hannah Freyvogel is a digital marketing specialist working with Niche's K12 school partners. Her hobbies are crocheting, sewing, and crafting in general. If she's not doing one of those, she's probably playing fetch with her two dogs, Winston and Snoopy, or cozying up to a game of Stardew Valley with a cup of hot cocoa.