Niche Insights Panel: Using Proof Points in K-12 Admissions & Marketing

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In this Insights Panel, we spoke to Dean Fusto (Brandon Hall), Meghan Hogdin (Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child), and Jo Thoburn (The Fairfax Christian School) about ways K-12 schools can use proof points like parent testimonials, reviews, data, and student outcomes to advance their marketing and enrollment efforts.


Meghan’s One-Page Instructions for Parent Testimonials
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What our panelists use for email automation:
Constant Contact
Niche’s 2022 PK-12 Rankings Guide

Angela Brown

Angela Brown

Angela Brown joined Niche in 2021. Before joining Niche, she was director of marketing and communications at Flint Hill School in Virginia. In her role at Niche, Angela creates content, research, and insights to help PK-12 marketing, communications, and admissions professionals refine their strategies, hone their craft, and elevate their roles in schools. In addition to creating content for Enrollment Insights, Angela is a regular presenter, writer, and podcast guest. She is a member of the National School Public Relations Association, American Marketing Association, and The Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP), and serves on the Advisory Board for the Marcom Society, an exclusive online community for independent school marketing and communication professionals. Since November 2020, she has served as a judge for the Brilliance Awards, which honors marketing and communications work from PK-12 private schools around the world.

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