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Enrollment Insights Podcast #51 – Jill Goodman and Critical Experiences for Family Retention

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In this episode:

In the Enrollment Insights Podcast, you’ll hear about novel solutions to problems, ways to make processes better for students and families, and the questions that spark internal reflection and end up changing entire processes.

In this episode, you will hear from Jill Goodman, founder of Jill Goodman Consulting.

Jill is a consultant for independent and private schools with over 20 years of experience working with organizational leaders. She specializes in helping schools advance their mission through qualitative research, strategic visioning, leadership mentoring, and small shop development capacity-building.

Jill is well known for her presentations on educational advancement, leadership, and constituency relations, which have been well received by audiences across the country. She is a frequent podcast guest, blogger, and author. 

:35 – Meet Jill
1:23 – What Jill has tried that didn’t work, and what she learned
4:00 – How Jill brainstorms and brings new ideas into her work
5:27 – Jill’s podcast and book recommendations
7:35 – Jill’s recent retention observations
11:35 – Faculty impact on attrition
12:55 – Bringing leadership attention to retention issues
14:05 – The significance of a new family’s first 90 days
17:05 – Ways faculty can support a new family’s transition
19:15 – The brand promise-communications feedback loop
25:25 – Data points for the brand promise-communications feedback loop
26:50 – How schools are gathering feedback from families at this stage of the pandemic
28:22 – Helping families to feel connected during the ongoing pandemic
29:58 – The swift and effective resolution of conflict
34:14 – Where to connect with Jill online

Resources from this episode:

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Blog post: “Podcasts I Love: Part Two”
Blog post: “Winning and Keeping Student Enrollments: Six Critical Experiences”
Book recommendation: The Human Element: Overcoming the Resistance That Awaits New Ideas
Book recommendation: Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions

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Angela is the Manager, B2B Brand Strategy at Niche, where she supports content and partner engagement strategy in Niche's work with K-12 and higher education institutions. Before joining Niche, she was the director of marketing and communications at Flint Hill School, a PK-12, co-ed day school outside of Washington, DC. In addition to developing research and content for Enrollment Insights, Angela is a frequent conference presenter, guest author, and podcast guest.