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Enrollment Insights Podcast #39 – Matt Scogin and Hope Forward, Playing a Different Game With Funding

In this episode:

In the Enrollment Insights Podcast, you’ll hear about novel solutions to problems, ways to make processes better for students and families, and the questions that spark internal reflection and end up changing entire processes.

Matt Scogin, President of Hope College

In this episode, you will hear from Matt Scogin, President of Hope College. Matt is the 14th President of Hope College and has been in the role for just over 2 years now from what might be seen as a nontraditional path to the office.

Previously he oversaw operations and strategy at global financial advisory firm Perella Wineberg Partners, and before that spent 5 years as the senior VP and chief of staff at NYSE Euronext, the company that oversees the New York Stock Exchange and five exchanges in Europe. Service has played a role throughout his life as well, and service is a primary message of the bold Hope Forward campaign.

1:02 – How family RV trips, trying to study something you’re not passionate about, and trying to convert from long-distance to sprinting are connected
3:00 – Brainstorming through collecting feedback and then reflection
4:52 – What is Hope Forward?
9:12 – The myth of colleges needing to behave like businesses
10:21 – Reframing the price under Hope Forward
12:40 – Making the shift from the degree as purchased good to a degree earned through experience and hard work
14:54 – The inspiration for changing the funding model and a call for a coalition of colleges rethinking funding
17:38 – Data collection and modeling to fuel bold strategies
22:31 – Addressing the “what-ifs” and planning for long-term sustainability
25:41 – Timelines for change and comparing higher ed to the airline industry
29:08 – Building buy-in for bold long-term changes
31:24 – Origins of Hope Forward
32:13 – Marketing and communications: The critical role in bold changes
33:05 – The merits of criticism and turning down the volume on negativity towards change
35:04 – Tuition resets, their attraction, and Hope’s move to play a different game
38:33 – What a coalition of colleges moving to a free from tuition model might look like
40:21 – How to get in touch with Matt and continue the conversation

Resources from the episode:

Hope Forward
Raj Chetty’s Research
Caroline Hoxby’s Research

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