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Enrollment Insights Podcast #31 – Angela Brown and Advanced School Marketing Techniques

In this episode:

In the Enrollment Insights Podcast, you’ll hear about novel solutions to problems, ways to make processes better for students, and the questions that spark internal reflection and end up changing entire processes.

In this episode, you will hear from Angela Brown. Angela is the director of marketing and communications at Flint Hill School, a PK-12, co-ed day school just outside of Washington, DC. Angela joined Flint Hill in 2014 after spending 10 years focusing on B2B marketing communications. She is a member of the American Marketing Association, National Association of Independent Schools and Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington, and serves on the Advisory Board for the Marcom Society, an exclusive online community for independent school marketing and communication professionals. In December 2020 she served as a judge for the Brilliance Awards, which honors marketing and communications work from PK-12 private schools around the world.

1:22 – Transitioning from corporate culture to school culture
3:13 – The importance of branding – more important than on the corporate side
6:59 – Branding as therapy and advice for schools to doing branding work
9:07 – Looking outside your industry for new ideas
9:48 – The importance of building relationships at conferences
10:26 – Prioritizing ideas using ICE Scoring
11:41 – Transitioning to education and finding mission fit
14:11 – Cycles and timelines in enrollment marketing
15:10 – The lesson to adopt from agencies? Project management
20:00 – Designing marketing that attracts both students and parents
21:31 – Persona development, keeping it grounded in research to avoid bias
23:30 – Tailoring content and events to meet PK-12 student needs and concerns
26:58 – Should personas be built in-house or by a third party?
29:59 – Psychographic metrics – a starting point
32:23 – What is Angela most looking forward to about joining Niche?

Resources from the episode:

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Project Management Resources
ICE Framework
Getting Things Done

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Prior to coming to Niche in 2019 Will served 9 years at Manchester University in roles as an Admissions Counselor, Associate Director for Admissions Operations, Social Media Coordinator, and ultimately as Digital Strategist. Will surfaces tactical insights from user behavior and surveys to help higher ed build recruitment strategies. In addition to the Enrollment Insights blog, webinars, and podcast; Will is a frequent conference speaker and podcast guest. He has presented at NACAC, AACRAO-SEM, AMA Higher Ed, CASE V, EduWeb, and EMA. Will's work has been featured in Forbes, Inside Higher Ed, CNBC, CNN, the LA Times, and The New York Times among other outlets.