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Data Dive: Popular Majors on Niche

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The Importance of Major Availability

Major availability is one of the driving factors in a students’ college decision process. Our team at Niche took a look at student’s interest in majors by graduating class (2016-2021) to provide insights on how demand for different fields of study has fluctuated over the years. These results provide useful information on what schools can be focusing on when crafting messaging to both accepted and prospective students.


As users register for an account on Niche to conduct their school search, one of the responses they can provide is an interested major. This data dive looks at these responses by graduating class dating back to 2016. “Major Interest” was calculated by taking the number of responses for a given major divided by the total number of responses.


While you are able to explore the results yourself, we wanted to provide some key takeaways:

The majors that had the highest total interest on Niche for the class of 2020 were Biology, Business, Nursing, Engineering, and Psychology.
The majors that experienced the most significant growth in interest were Biology, Computer Science, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Engineering Tech.
The majors experiencing the most significant declines in growth are Business, Physical Therapy, Education, Nursing, and Communications.
  • Biology had the most interest amongst students on Niche for the graduating class of 2020 and it has also increased the most (↑1.4%) over time.
  • While Business had the second most interest on Niche for the 2020 graduating class, it has also experienced the steepest decline in interest (↓2.8%) from previous years.
  • Some other majors that have experienced growth are Architecture, Film, Music, and Theater.

Explore the Rest of the Results:

Feel free to explore the rest of the results on over 50 majors and see how they are trending on a year-by-year basis. You are able to search for specific majors by using the “Field of Study” dropdown in the top right corner of the page.

Explore The Results

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Justin is a B2B Marketing Analyst at Niche and works to help schools with their enrollment strategies and digital outreach through data dives and other forms of analysis.