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COVID-19 Survey Results Explorers – State Comparisons and Results Over Time

Last updated 5/14/20

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State Comparison Tool

The first, third, and fourth maps are based upon 79,209 high school and college students. The second map is showing results for 35,567 high school seniors. For full results and more detail see the full survey results.

International students and New England seniors were the least likely to have made their college choice. Students in the west and the south were least likely to report moving to online learning. Students reporting that online learning was as effective as in-person ranged from 7% to 17% by state.

Midpoints are determined by the median for all responses.

Changes in Responses over Time

The survey was first sent out to Niche users on March 20th. Responses per week are:

  • March 16 – 13,830
  • March 23 – 13,505
  • March 30 – 11,283
  • April 6 – 9,218
  • April 13 – 16,624
  • April 20 – 5,647
  • April 27 – 4,030
  • May 4 – 3,160

Students and parents are getting more positive about the ways in which their schools are handling this crisis. College students have gone from 61% to 67% approving and fallen back to 65%; and those considering transferring or taking time off have increased to 22%.

High school seniors have increased in their likelihood to have made their final decision, but the share also reconsidering the colleges on their list has increased from 34% to 57%.

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