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Clarity in Enrollment Marketing and More Confetti with Teresa Valerio Parrot – Enrollment Insights Podcast #66

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In this episode:

In the Enrollment Insights Podcast, you’ll hear about novel solutions to problems, ways to make processes better for students and families, and the questions that spark internal reflection and end up changing entire processes.

In this episode you’ll hear from Teresa Valerio Parrot. Teresa is the Principal at TVP Communications, co-host with Erin Hennessy of the Trusted Voices podcast, and co-editor of Call to Action for Inside Higher Ed. Previously, Teresa served as senior vice president for Widmeyer Communications and vice president for SimpsonScarborough. She has almost 10 years of service at the University of Colorado, including an officer-level appointment as Assistant Secretary of the University.

Teresa earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in public administration, both from the University of Colorado, and will earn a doctoral degree from Southern Methodist University this month. She holds accreditation in public relations from PRSA.

This episode is a masterclass in writing and marketing. In this conversation, we look at providing clear communications, building relationships, and how to improve your writing. You’ll also hear a great deal of joy and hope and will learn why Teresa believes (and I do too now!) more confetti and sprinkles.

0:00 – Introduction
1:24 – Failure in believing that institutions can reflect our emotions (but keep yourself vulnerable to the institutions)
3:12 – Scheduling time for brainstorming, coming primed, and making time for reflection
5:27 – Allowing everyone to have their voice in brainstorming
10:05 – Teresa’s “400 Word Rule” to improve marketing clarity and lead with the value, don’t build to it
19:42 – Authenticity, plain language, and acting on feedback as clarity tools
22:56 – What authenticity means and the disconnects between authentic and aspirational
26:46 – Balancing factual and emotional communication? Lead with addressing emotions and focus on relationship-building.
29:34 – Addressing fears first rather than waiting
31:40 – Writing for a dialogue, not a monologue
33:42 – Popping the anxiety-filled balloons, we need more confetti, and everything deserves sprinkles
40:34 – Final thoughts

Additional Resources From the Episode

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Prior to coming to Niche in 2019 Will served 9 years at Manchester University in roles as an Admissions Counselor, Associate Director for Admissions Operations, Social Media Coordinator, and ultimately as Digital Strategist. Will surfaces tactical insights from user behavior and surveys to help higher ed build recruitment strategies. In addition to the Enrollment Insights blog, webinars, and podcast; Will is a frequent conference speaker and podcast guest. He has presented at NACAC, AACRAO-SEM, AMA Higher Ed, CASE V, EduWeb, and EMA. Will's work has been featured in Forbes, Inside Higher Ed, CNBC, CNN, the LA Times, and The New York Times among other outlets.