2020 Niche Senior Survey: College Search to Enrollment

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2020 Niche Senior Survey: College Search to Enrollment

This was the 5th year in which Niche has surveyed students to learn more about their search and decisions. This year’s survey was responded to by 18,739 students. It’s interesting to note that 66.8% of respondents were domestic students of color, which differs from 39.9% of the US population, and the most recent IPEDS data showing 49.7% of enrolled college students were domestic students of color. This year, we strove to improve the reporting of race and ethnicity by offering more options, as detailed by the Southeast Asia Resource Action Center “Everyone Deserves to Be Seen” policy brief among other resources.

Some of the results covered in the white paper:

  • COVID-19 – Half of students’ decisions were impacted, low-income students felt it the most
  • Changes in Visits and Events – Campus visits are down, but students are still positive about virtual experiences
  • The Modal (most frequent) Student – 2016-19 was the same demographic and 2020 has completely changed
  • Affordability and Financial Aid – Student borrowing is up and confidence is down
  • Student Confidence – Students still confident in graduating on time and getting a job after college

Interactive Visualizations

Student funnel engagements

Student Confidence Levels

Financing Their Education

Challenges Faced by Students

Student Satisfaction Levels

Important Characteristics Considered by Students

Resources Used When Deciding Where to Enroll

Effect of COVID-19 on College Search

Student Social Media and App Usage

Standardized Test Score Information

Will Patch

Will Patch is the Enrollment Marketing Leader at Niche and helps clients with their enrollment strategies and digital outreach. He also shares insights and research on the Enrollment Insights blog and through webinars and a monthly newsletter. Prior to coming to Niche in the summer of 2019, he served Manchester University for 9 years in roles including Digital Strategist, Social Media Coordinator, and Associate Director for Admissions Operations. Outside of Niche, Will also coordinates the #EMChat community on Twitter, with weekly chats Thursdays at 9:00 PM Eastern.
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