Modern Enrollment Marketing

Requesting Display Ads

Make capturing your Niche Audience and competitor targeting easier by utilizing digital ads on Google Display Network, Facebook and Instagram.

Examples of Niche generated Ad creative

Creating Copy

When creating copy for your ads please keep your information as brief as possible.

Below are some general guidelines to help you create the best copy for your ads.
School Name
The name of your school will always be included in your ad, please avoid using it in your event title.
Be specific and short, DO NOT include the school name, this will be included separately.
Do not include punctuation in CTA copy
Dates / Times *if applicable
Limit to 2.  Any additional dates/times will require increasing the number of ad versions. Please do not include ‘th’ or ‘nd’ in your date. The format will be – Jan 1, 2021. Times will appear as 4pm or 11am-4pm
Keep your description short and to the point. Up to 10 words maximum. Anything longer will be subject to change.
*Help avoid revisions
We would like to keep revisions to a minimum. To help, please proof-read all content before submitting your ad requests and make sure your images follow our suggestions. If a revision is necessary, please allow 2 business days for those to be completed. Maximum of 2 revisions.

Choosing a Feature Photo

When choosing an image for your ads please make sure to select an image that will work within our templates.

Below are some general guidelines to help you find the right image.
Niche Display Ads image example
  • Make sure photos are high quality, no fuzzy photos, and no text on photos.
  • Please make sure your photos are less than 10MB in size.
Subject Matter

Niche recommends selecting photos of subjects with happy expressions

Avoid images with text overlays

Make sure your image is not too close-in on your subject matter


Landscape photos are preferred over portrait due to cropping hazards

Photo Limit

Up to 2 photos are allowed to be submitted per digital ad set

Images to Avoid

Niche Display Ads Images not to use